Sunday, June 27, 2010

Walking on Ayer and The Nor'eastern cook out.

On Sunday as we walked through Ayer we were invited to the backyard family and friend cookout of main Street and just could not leave until this morning. We have been walking on Old Union Turnpike and the New england hospitality has us waiting by an Ice cream stand while a woman has run home to make us a healthy sandwich.
We could not be rude and turn down the Nor'Eastern cookout any more than we can decline a hummis sandwich!
I intend to get a bit more walking done today. Let's see which way the wind blows...


Anonymous said...

I saw you last evening walking down Mechanic St. in Leominster. I thought to myself, "What a giant world!" I saw your website on the ball and decided to find out what it is you are doing....and now I know. =) Thank you for walking to raise diabetes awareness! May you have a safe and joyful journey! =)

Jimmy said...

Eric, we loved having you, you know you and yours are welcome back anytime. As you travel, don't forget us, we won't forget you.

Jimmy, Jenny, Laura and Kelli...

Sarah said...

Erik and Ethan and Nice-
It was a pleasure to meet you and help you in whatever small way I could yesterday. The story of our chance meeting and the work you are doing will not fall on deaf ears since I have a very big mouth and like to talk. I have already spoken to friends and family about your cause and told them to keep an eye out for you in their travels. I also gave them your website to check out. I hope that along with the awareness you are raising, the funds to continue research and education come too!
Hopefully Ethan is feeling a bit better today, the sun doesn't seem so bad now that the humidity has broken. Continued good health and be safe.