Sunday, June 20, 2010

Marathon- Metaphor

We have been giving a space to sleep by the good men and woman at Newton. I napped a couple hours, read a book from cover to cover aloud to myself (in a whisper) by the light over the bench outside the firehouse. I have carried this pocket sized book with me during al my walks for diabetes, the disease that took my mother. I recited the book to my father in his last hours. Why I read it to him, or grabbed it as I hurried out thee door to catch the plane to his bedside instead of packing one piece of luggage, is still a mystery to me. He passed moments after I finished. Why I woke and felt the need to review it aloud to myself and share that I did to the www is also unknown to me. I should be asleep, resting for the last miles of my World rolling record of the Boston Marathon coarse.

The marathon doesn't end at the finish line.

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