Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Don of Sleepy Hollow

Friday we stayed in Sleepy hollow to wash clothes, touch up the paint on part of the World and get some good directions from the police department. At the end of the day as I was painting a local Sleepy Hollow native came to joke and talk about the world as we know it. We talked for hours of everything under the sun. I at some point explained the way we move our van forward at the end of each day with the help of a good person we meet during the day who will take me to the van so I can leap frog it to our end point of the day. I had never asked someone to call me to see if I needed a ride the day before, but it seemed a good safe guard. He dropped the note paper with the number twice while we talked and then lost it in his own back pocket before put finally putting on file in his car ashtray. His front seat was piled with "things" above the seat. I joked that he would not call tonight for loosing track of the paper note, but he assured me he would remember.
The day had many good people and fine conversations as we walked along Sleepy hollow road. I noted many who just stopped in the lane of traffic with cars behind them but thought it was because it was a quiet road with a slow speed limit. As the day progressed and we were on roads of fast cars I saw too many just stop to ask us questions. It is scary and very dangerous for people to do this. One rear end collision from a speeding motorist into one of these inquisitive people too busy to pull off the road types and my walk may end for good.
At the end of he day "The Don" was our only hope of a ride. Those who stopped were too busy to ride me back, and everyone else just tempted disaster by stopping in the road. No help was to be had and if not for the Don Of Sleepy hollow we would not have been saved.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Don..

So, in the dark of night we slipped into Connecticut to save New Yorkers from themselves. I thought it the safest thing for us and them. Since I walked in New York City two Sundays ago I am justified to skip a days walk out of the state to Connecticut. I hope there they have time to pull to the side of the road and are not so busy that they risk their lives to question our cause.
Hello Connecticut!

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