Sunday, June 27, 2010

Time Marches On

We left the early morning calm of Walden Pond reserve yesterday going into Concord and then found ourselves walking in the heat of the day on The Great Road. Along the way I saw a historical marker, the path the Minutemen of 1775 walked. I had a few miles to reflect on ther burden centuries ago as I carried my pack, bag, and staff and rolled the heavy world at my side with the wind tacking heavily at our faces. I have said this before: I have too much time to think.
We came to Littleton as the skies began to darken and as the rain came we were once again blessed with a family of "Road Angels" who rode me to our support van at Walden Pond where thestaff had allowed me to park in the service area. The night manager of the food chain let us stay on the property and New England Hospitality was topped off with a former triathelete taking us Kimball's for the best ice cream I have had in my recent memory.
Today after breakfast we are leaving the Great Road for 2A so we can stay in Massachusetts rather than head up to New Hampshire directly.


Anonymous said...

Saw you this morning in Littleton Center as I was driving by. I thought "now there's something you don't see everyday..."

Keep up the good work, World Guy! :)

Bhug said...

You mentioned ice cream and I had to look up their site to see what I was missing. Kimball's Farm isn't a place I may ever get to, but you made it sound like somewhere I'd like to stop at.
Of the four locations, there's another one in Jaffrey, NH on Route 124 which is right off of Route 119 that you might be on.
I'll have the maple walnut ice cream.