Monday, June 15, 2009

again help came

We slept last night on the porch of a store for a few hours and I got up before rthe birds getting it together for the long haul into Mt Vernon it was not long till a couple stopped to ask what our story was and we soon found out they write for the paper in town so the interview was made. Wirhin a half hour it began to rain. After putting the rain cover on the backpack I began the slow walk up a hill where I was invited to an oasis. Cactus jacks burrito bbq and ice cream restaurant. Then the rain came for the rest of the day till almost 4 pm. I was hold up in a childrens playhouse in their pllayground,heaven for a 47 year old kid who spends his dsys walking an earth ball around. Here I will sleep till morning after much needed rest. Rest I needed and help that came without my asking or knowing. Humble thanks.

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