Monday, June 22, 2009

The wind said "Don't be stubborn"

This afternoon I heard it got up to ninety-seven degrees, and I believe it. After our shade break we started out again. A rain cloud hid the sun for a couple miles and kept the intense heat at bay. Then came an offer to stay in a trailer with "air" just around the corner if I wanted to. Now, I was stubbornly thinking I had to get more miles in and was leaving the option open.

Here is where the rubber ball meets the road, where you separate the city boy from the country man, where mother nature gave her gentle advice. Like I said, I was thinking "push on," then the sun came from behind the cloud, revealing the true heat I had been shaded against. And the wind started up. And blew right against us. By the time I got "around the corner", that's a "country" corner and it was one hour later, my stubborn pride had been "taken to the shed" and I was happy to accept any relief from the heat and wind. Funny how mother nature gives her two cents worth.

After a meal, good conversation, an epsom salt foot bath (ahhhhh!), and a chilly AC rest, I will start early from our saviors' farm in the morning.

Today was not so much the day for collecting donations as receiving good graces of the people of Washington county, Illinois. From the three reporters to the male nurse, to the mid-day shower and shade, to kind people and the "Ice cream lady" and her family.

I am thankful and again humbled for all the help , friendship, and advice.

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