Saturday, June 6, 2009

The point, the pain, the message.

I wonder when I wake up shivering and crying out from the ache of feet back and legs at three in the morning in this dew damp tent if people will get the point that health is important not just for them but also for the ones they love and who love them. A little pain from excersize is nothing compared to the heartache your loved ones will feel for years, indeed a lifetime ,if you pass on from self-neglect. I realize my mother had her reasons ,good and honorable ones, for putting off her own health concerns for the greater good. She was a State representative and a true public servent.She worked for women and children,the elderly and the sick in a time when shelter houses and regulation against abuse were in their formation.If she had taken the time for her own health she may still be alive today and done so much more in these twenty two years since her early demise..And I could enjoy her company in life, not in dreams so real I wake up convinced she is just a phone csll away. Yes, sadly, after 22 years I still have those tearful moments of a son who lost his mother, of seeing a gift just right for her, or almost picking up the share the birth of a child or a job well done.

I don't like my picture being taken for novelty. Twisting my ankles in ditches,picking ticks off my dog and myself everyday. News reporters (not. all) who twist your words and quote you as saying things that never left your mouth.I don't like chaffing, blisters,or sunburn. BUT it is worth the sacrifice if I can inspire somehow people to get fit, get healthy, sleep well and smile.perhaps you may know a grandchild , or change the world.

I should stop this early morning whine and get some sleep. Nice ( the dog) just put a concerned paw on my belly. Pets can tell when we are upset you know. Let's keep this little post just between us... Goodnight.

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