Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From a spider bite to The Big Dipper

This morning when I awoke in St. Labori I noticed my left hand was swollen and later found a spider bite on my wrist. I had to take some benadryl which made me drowsy, and I was a;ready tired from having had only three hours sleep. I walked about four and a half miles before it became too hot and we found some shade. I was in sight of the bridge to the next town and called the Ice cream Lady to ask how long it was. She then asked me to come rest at their home for the afternoon. I was exhausted from the heat and she let us sleep in her cool basement. She brought us back in time to get the van spotted and the world over the bridge before dark. I have walked a couple of hours and am resting by the road for a moment to give my shoulders a break from the pack. The benadryl and the spider bite are taking a toll. I suppose the heat is also At nine o-clock it was still over eighty degrees.

As I sit staring at the stars feeling the mosquitoes land and wonder if I napped if I would wake up soon and get some good night miles in. I am guessing I should go now and walk before I get too comfortable.

The people of this area look at lot but don't stop and talk so much. I think that many are busy with the wheat harvest. I am out here to raise awareness for diabetes and the money is second to the message of exercise and prevention, as well as management for those who are type 2 diabetics. The donations ebb and flow, but the road goes on.

Too tired for any witty lines, so I will strap on the back pack and move closer to Kansas.... I wonder if the flash photos turn out on these night time drive by flashes.

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