Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June2/09: back on the road and the sky opened up

I got up this morning after a restless sleep. Like the ones I always had the first day of school from anticipation. I got the last things loaded in the van and went to the laundramat to clean the clothes for the trip. My son and a friend followed me up past Huntingburg(where I saw the man from the waterworks. Who helped me. With the use of their facilities and one of the two young men from Birdseye as we stopped t the filling station- small world. to my last stop before "life lesson #1107;keep hands from fighting dog" unloaded the world and gear, took the van up the road to the next town and asked the manager of FREDS (I think that is the name) if I could leave it in the lot for a time while I walked to town. She went a step further and gave me a generous donationand said she'd inform the sherriff to let him know and possibly keep tabs on it. When we returned tothe spot and said goodbye to my friend and son who pulls up buy the mother of "Rupe" who had picked us up at that very same spot three weeks to the day prior. She said she rarely comes that way. Two minutes later and I'd have been out of sight. She was with a nurse who asdvised me on care for my wound.(They missed two stitches which I will have to soften and pull).while on the road.. After waling not more than a mile and a half the skys opened up and the winds blew and soaked us just a bit before we could get to an out building at the waste maintainance yard and after asking to stay for the rain we have been allowed to stay in here for the night or till the next shift. A good man had his Mom to bring me a portion o delicious cheese topped spagetti and he had some leftover ribs for Nice from his linch. With that and the piece of cardboard to lay on this dirty floor we are in Valhala. Not Veolia maintainance yard! Now if the sheet and change of clothes are dry I will be in good shape after I wrap my finger for the night.

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