Friday, June 5, 2009

June5/09 All good people

Today I was blessed with help from beginning to end from the patrolman who gave nice a stuffed polar bear while I got ready to walk to the good people who helped me leap the van to Princtons' Wal-mart, the young man who after talking with me for awhile asked if I was taking cash donations (I do) and gave all he had made today saying he didn't know how much it was. He just have it all to the cause, bless him. And finally the couple who found $e at days end with a fine salad fit for a king.

I made camp under moonlight next to a tree a road and the railroad tracks.

I got the Evensville paper and the Clarion. Evilles reporter take great license with the quotes and facts but ...

Again, thank you one and all for the love and help.

Ps the vanilla. Extract does great for the gnats and mosquitos! You are great.

Now to be lulled by the rolling thunder of the trains, Good night.

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