Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hot day, rain at night.

We left out of. Mt.Vernon at 8:20 and the temperature was already 86. We pushed against the wind and clambered the berms and ditches between shade trees till 3:30 . It was no fun. I even got a message tonight from a concerned dog lover that I was being cruel to Nice (the dog). She saw him panting in the heat. She did not see us stop eleven times in those hours for shade and water. Nor did she see we stayed at the gas station for over two hours until the front passed. This is no easy journey, yet each morning Nice (the dog) frolics and pulls on his leash even with his full load. So to the dog lovers I say, bring water and find me a dog who does not pant. Or a dog owner who would sleep with the dog that bit his finger off (Accident during break-up of dog fight.) I usually have a better topic at three in the morning but as this concerned citizen woke me up with a message prompt after midnight, this will do.

We are now happy in our pup tent in the rain, camped next to a wheat field. I hope to get to the town of Leslie tomorrow.

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