Friday, June 19, 2009

The day the Worlds met

Today we did not walk because we were invited to a meeting for diabetic advocates of Mt.Vernon by a man named Dick Jones. A man who in a way reminded me of my father who was also named Dick. .Mr. Jones does as much as he can for his community for the cause of diabetes and I was drawn to support him for his organizational meeting

This left us free to fulfill a goal that has long been on my mind. To get a date for the world. I had heard last week while in Wayne City that the Girl Scouts possessed an earth ball and wanted to get the two together for a picture. The ball I have is about thirty five years old and as far as I know has been alone. During an interview with a newspaper reporter this subject came up and she (the reporter) said she would get hold of the council who agreed on the photo opportunity. Their world was at camp about an hour and a half away so I asked a local man who was retired and had helped me with a nights shelter if he would like to help. He brought his little grandson along and we were off with the world tied to the back of the pickup on it's bed. We had some difficulty keeping the ball tied on but eventually made it to the campground and soon after, the two worlds touched. It was love at first sight. Alas the meeting was short and we had to let out some air to keep the world strapped in and got him back to Mt.Vernon. He may never be the same...
We then had time to mail some correspondence and get a shirt at the Goodwill and a special treat of a new pair of walking shoes courtesy of Shoe Stop who's manager was later at the dinner for ADA. I will be very grateful when I next walk in the rain and need the extra pair of dry shoes. Keeping the feet well is very important.
Later the dinner went well. Dick asked me to speak a moment and I shared some of my experiences with the attendants. We laughed, we cried, we ate...
I then had a nice talk with a web designer who wanted to post our story on Mt
Vernon's web provider page. We talked about faith and dedication to the cause so no telling how that will read. As I have said one (I) can't take on this sort of goal without faith.
I went back to the room Dick had provided for us , slept awhile and now will rest till morning and get back on the road to Kansas enriched by our stay in the hub of southern Illinois .

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JLDigitalz said...

It was nice meeting you Erik! I had a great time talking with you and also meeting Nice. I think you are an inspiration to others, its wonderful to see someone taking a walk of faith and caring for others.

You can expect to see the story and photos on no later than Monday, June 22.

Hope you and Nice are having a good day during your journey!!


~Jackie Price

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