Thursday, June 25, 2009

Freeburg and the afternoon sun

First a note about my grammaticl errors: I can't write! 2nd. I am writing from a blackberry. I have a few more, excuses.

While I'm waiting for them to cut the grass around the shade tree where we will be for the afternoon sun. let me suggest that for those who are on the fence about walking as a way to prevent or improve your condition as a diabetic. What is your excuse? Too busy? Too sore from not moving around at all? I have used many in my chubby life, and still after it is over (the walking), I feel better for doing it. Like watering a tree so it can live longer to see it's saplings have saplings... Ahh! They are done with the grass, so I can try to get a nap again. Which I should have done before the last sentence.

This evening we will walk over this sweltering stretch of highway, so hot is this heat that it turns to shimmering glass from a distance.

If I have enough battery power I will write tonight or first thing in the morning.

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