Saturday, June 13, 2009

The small town with the big heart

Friday I started about 9am at the east side of Fairfield Illinois headed West. I had made it two blocks from the home of our host when it began. I have not seen such love and enthusiasm for a little walk to raise diabetes awareness from ant place I have been. The kids at the town hall who came in a group from a school were loving on Nice who just let them crowd us and pet him from all sides. I could not see him for the hands petting him all at once. All throughtown we were stopped for pictures and people giving for diabetes. It was over four hours to get the mile or so to the edge of town where the wall mart is and where I got a money orderr before I tried to walk on further out of town. The people of Fairfield. Are generous and good people. The manager from the Briarwood in offered for me to stay the night ,I thanked her but tthought surely I would be to far to get a ride back but several hours later I found myself just two miles up the road in the yard of a nice family trying to pump some air in the world and I guess I hit the tip of my stubby finger because it became bruised for the firste time in the month since it happened. I was not going much further anyway, standing and talking witha backpack in the sunis almostas hard as walking. I was tired and in awe of the big heart of the towns people.
I did get a ride the short distance back to the motel and. Am staying here for the night. Well for the rest of the morning because I fell asleep after the shower.
Saturday I will make it back to the world which is safe in a shed and roll on up the highway towards Kansas at whatever time it takes.
Thanks to the people of Fairfield, you are the best!


3kidos said...

I first saw you walking from Albion toward Fairfield! I was not sure what you were doing but the wonderful internet updated me on your quest!! What a wonderful cause!! I finally met up with you in Fairfield and directed others your way! I hope you are able to raise lots of money!!! May God Bless You and keep you safe with every step you take! Thanks for saying such wonderful things about Fairfield folks!!

Anonymous said...

I am also glad that your experiences with this small town were welcoming! I admire your strength and persistence!