Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From the Bunkhouse to the Mountain

Left Cactus Jacks late in the morning knowing that soon we may be in the rain, but Mt. Vernon was a climb I wanted to accomplish by days end.

It was hard to tear away from the menagerie and the hospitable surroundings of the Cactus Jacks playground. Call me crazy, but I think 'Fat Mike" the grill sergeant needs more time with someone other than the donkeys and lamas. He is one good man whom I would trust cooking my dinner, or care for a hungry flock of animals, or stare down a 'rattler'.

It wasn't long till some local resident whose world was shaken by having a man and his dog on the highway as they drove down the road causing them to call the police that we got the roadside visit from a county patrolman who asked us to walk with the flow of traffic as we got to Mt. Vernon just to appease the one complaining citizen who had to go past me. And chew gum at the same time....

Then the rain came with a head wind that had me nervous for about two minutes before it settled to heavy rain, lightning, and thunder. The world triples in weight when it is waterlogged but we press on as we can and soon enough we break into sunlight at the entrance to the Mt.Vernon Airport where I stopped to change out of what rain soaked gear I could.

We were then contacted by one of the town's newspapers and had an interview there as I changed. We then ventured on into Mt. Vernon which is less mountainous than West Virginia. A man who had followed our travels from Wayne City helped us gather up the WG support unit (the old work van) from Wayne City and our climb to Mt. Vernon was complete.

We stayed in the Huck's parking lot till after dark talking until a generous couple surprised me with an offer to stay at their home for the night. So we loaded the world on their truck and followed them out "old route 15" where we are now.

I also accepted an offer from an advocate for diabetes to an event on Thursday evening at the local hospital so I will spend the next two days here in town. Many people and businesses have been offering support so it works out that our. Visit to Mt. Vernon may take more than one day anyway.

The reporter from the paper (a former Girl scout) has also contacted the local Girl Scout administration who have a sister Earth ball. So, we will have a treat of a meeting between Worlds! Our lonely world will finally reunite with one of it's brethren soon.

I'm sure we will enjoy our stay here in Mt. Vernon and will remember this leg for years to come.

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Unknown said...

I live in Mt. Vernon and my family saw you throughout the city during your stay. I think your awareness of diabetes is amazing. Hope your journey is great!

Best wishes,

Brendan Hill