Saturday, June 20, 2009

pacing for summer, and the City of New Orleons Train

The first day of summer is tomorrow and the heat is already here. When Nice (the dog) and I walked to Pittsburgh, P.A. In '07 we walked in the heat. What we would do is walk from morning to early afternoon then rest during the hottest part of the day until it began to get tolerable enough to walk into the night. It takes a couple days to get the hang of it and a steady pace is the key to progress. And, of course, "shade hopping".

When we got to Ashley we stopped at the first shade tree in the park and help arrived as soon as I got my gear of my back. Some good and helpful people whose Polish name I could never spell watched over the world while I was given a ride back to the WorldGuy support unit (the old van) and we got it back to town where we have ended up regrouping for the summers first day. I am cleaned up, my clothes are ready, and Nice the dog has had a bath in the pond.

Our hosts have a shed with all the comforts and Hank Williams on the phonograph. The train that runs four times daily to New Orleans is just fifty yards away, which adds to the feel. I should be able to get an early start to beat the heat in the morning since I have had such gracious help from the people of Ashley.

And thanks to all those who gave generously during this hot day.

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