Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sailing for diabetes.

So many people are more than generous encouraging and giving to the cause. In my trip to Pittsburg I met only two people whose families were free of diabetes. Yet both told me they were so affected by their friends who suffered from diabetes they volunteered and fund raised often. This journey is much the same. We all need to take up the torch in some small way. Many small bits make a mountain. Encourage a friend , walk with a relative , sponsor someone you love .
I guess that may sound corny but as I hold the world against the wind I think of friends I have lost. Relatives of mine and of others who struggled and lost. Hoping I can make a difference in a small way. Will someone renew their dedication to their health- their family- their world by my sailing on the heartland with my rolling sail, my mast and jipp.
(Obviously I have a lot of time for thinking up metaphors)
Get out there people and make a difference. It is easy to do. Call the one you care for and tell them you want them to be around because you love them and ask if they need some help in managing . The asking may be all they need to get it.

Ahem...I had a good day walking and thanks to those who donated generously from the heart.

I must sleep.

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