Friday, June 12, 2009

Coincidence, chance, choice.

This is the second time I have got up this morning. I don't know what time it is, just that it is dark, with a light breeze and the crickets are making their warming song. The first time awoke in a hot sweat. Doubtless from body pushing out the tannin in my muscles from the eleven or so miles I walked in the day. That is double what I walked the previous hot and windy day where I camped at the county line by the wood in tall grass. Each day has it's own special qualities. Thursday I broke camp as early as I could, it had rained throughout he night with lightening and thunder.that displayed a fabulous lightshow as it rolled in. During it's entrance ,for about 90 seconds, I heard the roar of what sounded like a train that faded away in an instant. After the glorious beginning we the huddled in the pup tent as it stormed all night. Nice (the dog) had the the high spot while I lay in a small pool of fresh water. I ha dbeen so tired and desperate to lay down when I pitched the tent I had layed the tent on several very short and narrow weed tree trunks that I had not seen but could then surely feel so my choices for a comfortable sleeping position were limited. I was incredibly well rested in the morning and we were on the road at 7am.
It was not long before the rain came agaain and we were cooled as we walked along the bottomland of the Little Wabash River. The wind was neither at my back nor stoping progress but a few times I had to walk the inside lane thus having to jump off the road for oncoming traffic.unlike my usualbstyle where a pull with the left and a roll with the stump while leaning against the leash to keep ,ice(the fog) off the road.
As we crossed the river and rose from the 'bottoms' the clouds bured off and thesun dried all but my soaked boots and at mid-day I stopped to change socks and dry the boot slightly .

-------- --------I am rambling----------

I will shorten to a point about choices. Upon entering town I was given two offers of a place to stay by two men. One calm and reverent, the other a. Man who racedthru to town on a horse in thhe days third shower. I chose the unassuming host and I was again graced with Gods grace. I am not being preachy but I would be crazy to think all the good on this journey comes from smple chance and not from a determined faith in the good in man. My sermon has ended.

I see now that the time is my 3am ramble.....good night

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