Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ashley Illinois, here we come

I made an error in mis-naming the next town "Leslie" and not Ashley, I am sorry.

We made camp at the edge of a field, where around 3am it stormed and accumulated three-quarters of an inch of water. The post the world was lashed to had a rain gauge on it. Though the wind blew very hard, we survived and stayed dry.

We are now about a half-mile from Ashley, cooling in the shade before we get to town. Nice (the dog) has enjoyed a few fresh ditch puddles and the caresses of a few nice women since we left this morning, and his morning tug-of-war with his leash, bounding and jumping as we walked. He is sleeping now, so the animal cruelty lady can get hold of her senses. I love my dog and don't push him beyond reason.

My battery is low so I will check-in tonight if all goes well.

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Gretchen Steele said...

We hope you are enjoying Southern Illinois and the folks at Southern IL Outdoors (SILO) wish you well!

One of our members captured some photos of you, and we thought you might be interested in seeing them :)