Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I missed posting yesterday. I fell asleep with the blackberry in my hand.

Some time I am just too tired to review at the end of the day despite my best effort. I knew last night I had said I would say more of Sunday, our final day in Indiana. Sleep took me before I could write two sentences and when I stirred early in the night and read them they weren't very clear. ( I'm being polite )

Sunday I left from Princton Indiana not very confident I would get out of the state by nightfall. I went along at a steady pace though and as I remember the wind was light and not working against me. The border to Illinois wass the bridge over the Wabash river 9 to 11 miles from town,depending on which sign I went by. No one said the bridge over to Mt.Carmel was safe. During the day I was able to get the WG support unit (the old van) to the approach of the bridge thanks to a helpful family who made it happen in the early afternoon. Surprizingly I got to the support van with a little time to spare before dark. Several women came in search of Nice (the dog) to pour love and attention on him. Oh, and I got. Some good conversation too and truthfully I did get good help from them. I don't name names so thank you for all the help.I then stapped the world to the back of the van an we made to scary crossing to the great state of Illinois.

In the morning at 4:45 it started to rain lightly so I got up to unlash the world and then could not get back to sleep. Two young girls. Had arrabged to walk with us in the morning so we had good company most of the day. Even after it began to rain lightly they stayed on. When the girls mom came to get get them late in the morning they were loaded in the car an as we walked on suddenly they called. Out and had to keep going 'cause poor Nice (the dog) flashed them the sad eyes. They walked for over five miles but when their ride came they knew better than to gaze into our heros eyes.

The wind had been in our favor till then , it changed direction and progress was hard. The clouds kept us cool, then the sun burned through and soon we were hot and drinking water often. Then we stopped fir an intervieiw with the local paper (our second od the day under the shade of some trees in a weel kept yard. When the owner pulled up they were nice to let us stay untill I had changed my wet socks and was past the worst heat of the day.
The wind had shifted and each step was a challenge. I was getting worn thin from the elements and lack of sleep fom the past two nights. Then as I was walking past a man on a riding mower(the wind made phrase "walking past" a joke) he stopped. And we talked of my walk for Diabetes and he asked if I needed anything and his wife and he were my salvation for the night. Their hospitality has been great.
Thanks to them and to all the generous people who donate to the American Diabetes Association. And to those at risk- get out and excersize!

Walkin with love , worldguy. .

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