Thursday, June 4, 2009

June4, 09 / From rain to shine

We began this morning staying in a tiny trailer between a church and a graveyard owned by my karaoke host who let us sleep late and picked us up at his break since the rain was not to let up till noon. He introduced his girl boxer who was coming out of heat to Nice(the dog), they wagged and she back right up to our hero but alas he was willing but has no equipment.
Then it was off to the world and all that lay ahead. We started slowly. At least I did,Nice(the dog) was full of vinegar so much that he stayed in front most of the time today as he was glad to be back. Cooing at all those that stopped to talk, it sounds like helloo! In dog speak.
We were interviewed three times today so I guess the newspaper coverage is handled for a few miles. We made it to Oakland city and the van after walking through the lowlands.
I want to thank the nice people of the penagostle church who had us in for a fine dinner, the kids at subway for the hoaggie and bacon for Nice (the dog) and the people who left me a basket of snacks apples and a german chocolate cake/pie under the tire of the van when I arrived.(Sweet!)
To top the night off I spoke to the officer who has been watching the van the past two nights. He was very impressed with Nice (the dog), so much he would not get out of his vehicle. We did have a good conversation after the initial shock of our hero pouring out of the back of the van. He will be checking on us through the night.
Some young men have volunteered to help spot the van to Princeton in the morning so that is one less thing, like Forest know.

Sleep tight and thanks to all the people for their generous donations to the American Diabetes Association.

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