Monday, June 15, 2009

mistaken about "nothing"

Over the past days I have been told that from this small community to that there is "nothing". I have not found this to be so at all. I live in the city of louisville Kentucky where I have been since I was five years old and though I have lived literally a stones throw from many I couldn't tell you their names or the names of their children. Few of them would come out of their house and give a stranger water as they walked by if they felt that person in need. When I moved to my neighborhood at five we had come from living in Georgia and I recall knowing the names of everyone in the street and all through the surrounding blocks. Especially the kids that played in the creek that wove through the back yards to the fork and the wood where we made clay figures by the bank and caught "crawdads" in coffee cans.
This land of "nothing for miles is populated with good and helpful folk like I recall as a child. The good man who took it upon himself to watch out for me (a stranger) as walked the road of "nothing" knew most of the people in his close knit community and miles hence when I would stop to talk he to was known and respected as a good man by both young and old. So I say that in these stretches of "nothing" you and I speed past daily are full and rich and worth appreciating.

-I have crossed into Jefferson county from Wayne county and applaud the generosity of the good people within its thirty mile stretch of state road 15, most of which is "nothing"-

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