Thursday, June 18, 2009

not sleeping so I can get this off my chest

How can I say this?......

Okay so I help people smile and Nice (the dog) warms the heart because he is so cute and a dedicated companion with puppy dog eyes.My story is getting out about how I am walking for Diabetes. And all sorts come to give, and thank, and photograph. My ears ring from the encouraging honks and raor of engines rolling by.but something struck me deeply today.
Many times today I spoke to diabetics who told me they were not taking the nessesary steps to manage their 'sugar'.They eat what they want,don't check their levels, don't exersize or even want to walk. that is fine for some one with no family or friends.
Also today (and evryday) people have sought me out to tell me of loved ones lost to diabetes. I too have lost and I am renched when I see the pain and loss in the eys of sons and daughters. This is pain I know well. Today I was floored by a man younger than myself who came up, shook my hand, gave me a dollar and a few coins. Then he said he lost his wife to diabetes last year and bleesed me for what I was doing then walked away to his van that looked like a family weighed it down. The glance we shared for that moment wrenched my heart...the rest of the day I could hardly contain myself from tears. And many times in the few moments where I was alone I did silently break down . Not a pretty sight, especially as people come over for a picture and a handshake.

I am not walking for a smile,
I want to inspire those who can benefit from exersize and diet to do so that the. Ones who love them can have them living. If you could see the looks of those many grieving family members who I meet everyday you might change. But you can't see and I must share these intimate ,painful thoughts.
I'm finished venting now.
Please make an effort,

Humbly yours, Erik

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