Saturday, June 6, 2009

This is not a macho endurance test old man!

I made it to wall-mart at 5:30 and I was fatigued and hot. Being an experienced carpenter I have learned to stay in the shade for the hottest part of the day from about 4pm to 5:30 but today I was on the business strip in Princeton just over the rise from the van when the wind kicked up which made it very hard to manage the world especially with my healing stump of a finger. I know, your thinking " Suck it up girly man!". By the time I got to some shade and close to the van I was crisp and shaking . More from lack of sleep and exertion keeping the world from spinning out of control than anything else as I had been drinking plenty of water.
Now it is getting. Toward dusk and the moon is close to full on the eastern sky and I have opted to just rest hear till morning and make. The last push of 9 to 10 miles for the bridge on Sunday. If I get to Illinois on Monday the world will not cease to turn .

Thanks to all who have helped me today and I enjoyed the conversations with everyone along the way. I am ever humbled by the good in people.

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nrwcat08 said...

I enjoyed meeting you!