Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boomerang or, A Great Day for Sailing Served with Humble Pie

As with everyday, and this was the best, Nice (the dog) dove into a splendid spot of shade. The grass in the ditch line already was laid down from groundhogs who where obviously borrowed close by. The sun was high,the time of day where in one half hour the slight shade goes from one side of the road to the other. I wrote the previous post there. Then I read it back to my son having forgotten what I had just written. I remember starting with a thought but nothing I'd written. Who wrote that? But good, okay; so I was hot from sailing half the day... We had good rest while the shade did its spin across the road. We got up and made the best of times with ease. I was rolling uphill with a head wind with no effort at all. Just hold the rope and guide the World as it trundles the grades and swells of the highway; the passing traffic swirls the air and helps the rolling. All day I hardly touched it; kept it out of traffic and would buump it back to the roadway. I was just a guide to center the line and pull as I tacked over the waves of the open highway.
It was the best day of sailing with our World-boat ever!
We both noticed something..

That green jeep...

We passed it this morning. . .

It began to rain...

We made it back to The Mooselook just before the downpour and had the most delicious turkey sandwich, they had no crow for my embarrassment, with apple pie, they had no HUMBLE pie. Everyone was amused. We opted to get the world loaded and get to the next town and wait out the rain. At the rate we had be walking, during the best day ever, we had walked twelve miles. The truck stop across the bridge is at eighteen. If we abstract this a bit... We were our saving ride to safety and the evenings rains. We had ta wonderful day looking at the scenery forward and backward. I never look back , it was all new the second time... and beautiful by the way.

We finally crossed a bridge across to New Hampshire in the pouring rain and are parked looking at Vermont at the foot of the bridge in the truck stop.
Goodbye Verr' -mogh'!The pleasure was all mine.

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