Thursday, July 15, 2010

The World, the Globe, the Fair.

When I Began this journey In April from The National Mall in Washington D.C. My plan for the World was to touch every state in the North east of Pennsylvania, from the first day I have been touched by special people who color my World and influence it in thousands of special ways that I could never have planned or scheduled. I have walked for diabetes awareness, to show that whoever you may be you can do something to get fit,by walking your pet, taking a stroll or anything that get your juices flowing to control and prevent diabetes. I have gotten so many wonderful benefits from walking that I never dreamed would come from just committing to myself to put one foot in front of the other. After all these weeks, miles, new friends, rich conversations, guidance from folks who happened to influence this world I have found myself sleeping in a field in Vermont in the fair grounds of the Connecticut Valley and tomorrow I have been invited to be in a parade from Bradford to these grounds where the Fair is being held. This town is where Mr. Wilson created the first Globe of the World. Would you believe that when I began this trek on Earth Day I had a plan to arrive here on a Wednesday in the middle of July so I could attend the parade honoring the first globe ever made.

My plan has worked only with the help
Of good people from Virginia to Vermont.
Like the man who stopped to talk for a moment yesterday said, "Thanks Neighbor!".


Anonymous said...

Funny story, well,,,not TOO funny. I saw that Anna Lornitzo posted something about you on Facebook. I heard a bunch of sirens downtown Bradford but didn't realize tonight was the parade until I read your blog (and I live a block up from downtown!). I have been borderline diabetic since 2004 and control it with walking and diet. Sooo, you inspired me to walk downtown and try to greet you! The parade was finished at 7 when i got there, but I kept on walking...THEN, it happened. My sandal caught an uneven segment of the sidewalk while watching a float on it's return ride through the village. I did a faceplant on the sidewalk. Cheek hit, glasses flew, hands scraped, foot cut and an egg above my kneecap (currently icing!). Sooo, I didn't get to meet you, but wanted to thank you for inspiring me to walk (I think!!). :-)
Diane Chamberlain

Anonymous said...

I have to say that you are an amazing guy! I am from Bradford and when I first saw you I was really interested in what you were doing. So I looked up articles online about you and then found your website! Me and my friends tryed getting a picture with you at the parade but you had to go catch up before the parade started! Maybe I will be able to catch up with you before you leave our town! You are doing an awsome job!