Friday, July 23, 2010

Season for New Hampshire

We were walking along 2E when behind a moss covered wall of field stone on a level and well kept green a grandmother played crochet with her grandson and granddaughter. We had almost past when they called us over for a drink and cookies. Ahh, the old ways. The woman of 39 @ had witness to her 'moment for the storybook life she had. Enjoying family in the yard with family. Another seven years and she will have seen a century and can count this day among the gems. We were passing another yard when a young woman of 87 stopped us, she had worked for twenty years with the "cog" railroad up mount Washington. She had been diabetic for decades and treated it as another thing in life. " You watch yourself, and go on." She shrugged the diease and meets it head on. We left her and her John Deere behind. Looking back I saw her talking to the state police who had just pulled in to check on her, we would be a mile down the road before she would let him out of the driveway; a lovely woman...
We were plodding up a hill when Ethan and Nice passed me and took the lead for the first time. The grade was steep, I was pushing for all uphill progress and they slowly passed. My son taking the lead. I watched him notice he had gone in front then went back to listening to the music too loud in his earphones. Nice then noticed and after a few glances back and then took point--a proud dog--surveying all before him! They both relaxed and I walked behind for awhile-- a proud dad --my randomly recorded mp3 played Father and son by Cat Stevens sung by Johnny Cash. I can't complain, I am with my son and the dog. What two better companions?

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