Monday, July 5, 2010

From the Mouth of Babes

The walk from Vernon Vermont to Brattleboro was filled with good meetings and conversations. First thing we learned was there was a parade in Brattleboro for the 4th. So, we set our sights on getting to the step-off sight in the high school parking lot before the start of the parade. We started out early and beat the heat. Then, there was Brattleboro's own Heartbreak Hill -Cotton Mill road- which also had the first sidewalk of VerrMon'. At the top we stopped by the shade of a tree after the steep climb and asked two kids how to get to the high school. They shyly explained, "Go up and around. You will see the parking lot next to the high school. STAY ON THE SIDEWALK (echoing their parents) and you will see the high school first. It's taller than the parking lot." They were so cute in giving us help, the best GPS of the trip.
We were allowed to enter the parade, but Nice got too excited with all the loud vehicles and I had to walk alone thanks to Ethan staying behind, they napped while I walked the Parade route. Then I called our helpful border friends who had offered us a ride if we needed it to scoop up Ethan and Nice so they could get to the Commons where the parade ended. It all worked out with good timing. Today, we had a pleasant morning talk with a neighbor of the Vernon Fire house, and gave thanks to the man who shuttled me from the shopping center parking lot back to the commons. We also walked the extra distance after stopping at the fire station in Brattleboro's downtown for advise for a safe place to park and directions.
I need to get more sleep, so enjoy the New England!!!!

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