Sunday, July 18, 2010

Every Town should have one

Today we walked from McIndoe to St. Johnsbury. Last night we slept at Paul's Whistle Stop. When I got up late at six thirty, not early enough to be the first at "the liars table" where all the local men come for morning coffee and scuttlebut. Very few towns have or admit to such a place, at McIndoe the congregation is so large on Sunday they fill the outside with chairs and tales while Paul gets his work out taking care of their needs. A true liars corner. Our morning routine for preparing for the day takes awhile and was observed silently as the men from town went about theirs. With a check and double check, the ritual petting of Nice (the dog) and hug for Ethan (my son) we set out for "Saint Jay".
Maybe we can have some coffee and tell some tales at the L. T. At St.;..

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