Friday, July 30, 2010


Rolling a painted canvas facsimile of our World up Mount Washington at night to face the seventy mile forces of wind sand and rock will beat the philosopher right out. We walked over eleven miles yesterday, passed the last hills of New Hampshire, passed the path to the fallen face of the Man on the Mountain -The Father-, saw a moose cross in front of us, were followed by a large bird while the wind helped our weary bones, were helped by the family atmosphere and good sense people of the first town we came to in Maine and I've got nothing because of the thrashing I took knowing when I went up 'full in' I'd be facing the impossible just to see how far I could get. I am down to one can of paint, my brush is small, our battered World needs my attention.


Anonymous said...

Saw you in Bethel Maine today....Keep on pacing forward!

sabcartist said...

we saw you yesterday near the NH/ME border, and then again today at the Bear River Trading Post in Newry, my home town. Looking forward to more updates, headed towards Farmington in the AM, will we see you again? I think that what you are doing is pretty great!