Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The House, the History, the Room, the Chair, the Man Cave.

The Walk up the hill to Rudyard Kipling's historic home would have taken some time were it not for a good man with some time and a truck. Yes, I do get the occasional lift in certain situations. An invitation to the Kipling home where he wrote four books including "The Jungle Book". My son and dog were given a ride there earlier, and I would have been all morning pushing the world up the mountain road. Our hostess had rented the home for the week and gave us a tour from top to bottom and through the grounds. We saw the remains of Kipling's grand design of a home and gardens influenced plucked from his world travels and ideas planted by great friends such as Arthur Conan Doyle and Mark Twain: the first clay tennis court in Vermont, the remnants of the spring-fed pool, and the pool table given to Kipling by Samuel Clements after the Man Cave was established on the top floor. I was in the same rooms where some of the greatest authors in this country once enjoyed food, conversation, and even a game of checkers. What luck to meet such fine people by the side of the road, drawn to such an historic place. I was allowed to sit in his study chair and look out the windows of inspiration by the hearth with a quote from Kipling's father, "The light comes when no man can work". . Food for thought while gazing long nights and cold days. It was more than a chance meeting with a friendly person, a walk in history and inspiration.
Thanks for the opportunity to step where giants once stood.


Anonymous said...

World Guy. I saw you yesterday walking in 100 degree heat. That is cool if you dig that, but you should not subject your dog to that kind of abuse. Remember he is closer to that hot pavement than you. Walk early in the am ( which I saw you doing in Putney), but break in the heat of the day for your dog's sake.
Ted Johnson DVM

Tammy said...

I agree, saw you walking down route 5 in 100+ degree heat and your dog looked miserable. You have a choice to do this, your dog does not. Consider leaving him/ her home or with a friend on days like this. Heatstroke is a real risk for pets in this heat!
Tammy McNamara DVM