Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mt. Washington, home of the Worlds worst weather

However pumped up I got, as much as I did all I could, all ethan and I could we did not make it to the summit. The devilish wind had it's way with us in the end.Almost six miles we climbed and pressed against the force of nature. We found our selves pinned in a ditch huddled under all we had, the tent was good for a blanet for Nice (the dog) as ethan curled under the plastic base tarp for the tent. When I finally came to terms and was reaching to pull the air plug on the World the hardest of winds cracked the staff that was wedged between a rock and a hard place. Now I truly know what it is like to have the weight of the World on my shoulders. We arrived back at the bottom at Five thirty after leaving at 6PM last night. Lashed to my back the WorLd is a heavy load.
We went as far as the law of the wind allowed. Sorry to let anyone down. I did carry it back down. Sometimes a little failure is good for the soul.
Off for some sleep and then we'll ride to the top like real folk.

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Anonymous said...

You don't fail by giving your all. A lady bug or an elephant has the same odds stacked against them above treeline on Mt Washington. I'm sure it felt good to be able to attempt such a challenge.

Congradulations for you incredible trip to Maine to you, your son and dog!

Scott-your ride from Lowe's Garage to Gorham.