Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Mirage

We had been trudging in the desperate Vermont heat for hours.
The roadside seemed as if it were lined with tall fields of corn against a background green hills of tall trees.
From the distance an image appeared,yellow and shining.
It drew closer.
Knowing it could not be real I refused to yield the roadway as it bore down on us.
The image came to a stop.
Still not believing, I offered the staff connected to the rope on our small insignificant world for the mirage to hold while I got a picture.
No one back home would ever believe.
It was a lovely family of "Canucks" in a yellow Volkswagen bus.
I still can't believe it myself.
"It must have been a mirage." I said to myself as the image turned about and drove back toward Canada.


Anonymous said...

I was the one in Barnet, VT today who stopped (around a corner) to say a quick hello and good luck to you and snap a quick picture. I should have offered you some water. (afterthought) Hope this heat gets a little better for you here. You are doing a wonderful thing, keep up the good work.
-The Walls

Hélène Meunier said...

Mirage for mirage, we also had a great one!
2 guys walking on a small country road with a dog and pulling a big planet earth!
We just had to go back and ask the purpose (wich is a very good one)
Good luck WorldGuy!