Saturday, July 31, 2010

Somewhere between the Maine line and the sea.

We were helped last night and today so much by a night in a palace outside on the grounds of P.& S.. To sleep on the ground was healing and the bones are lively. I had the longest sustained roll without touching the ball with hand or stick; the best roll of my life today. For almost forty minutes I held onto the staff and rope and wove along the white line as traffic passed and rode along asking our cause. Finally a railing, a stiff wind and it was gone. The word from the locals, it's not far to the coast, to Acadia! That's sounds so good with an exclamation point!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed our chat today on Rte 2 just west of Dixfield and was happy to share my cheese and grapes. I applaud your efforts to raise awareness of a disease that seems to be reaching epidemic proportions.

Run Strong,

Steven from Orono