Monday, July 26, 2010

the quiet time

We slept in the employee parking area, thanks to the management of the resort and this morning I was told as soon as they stop uphill traffic we can launch. The parking lot was not quiet enough for a mid morning nap so I touched some of the worn areas on our World, took out some non essentials from my pack and then we got a shower in the coin operated shower in the resort sports shop. The winds up top are at seventy miles per hour today. The moon will still be full and bright while we are under clear skies. I have no fantasy of being able to push against seventy mile winds though I could hold on with hard winds. This is the day we have walked with random precision to be here. Whatever is in store it is as it should be.
The random mp3 song plays-Magical Mystery Tour, followed by Fool on the Hill. Roll on to the... The eyes in his head see the World spinning 'round...

Time to be quiet, enjoy the night!

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