Thursday, July 22, 2010

what i didn't do at three a.m.

Some of my posts are "thumbed" early on late nights when wake up with what to say. This A. M. I was possessed to tell a story about a book I read two winters ago. I don't rmember the name. It was about a man who got a job in the depression with a circus,found the love of his life and an elephant that no one wanted; he was the only person who spoke the elephants language.The book alternates from the past to present where he is in a nursing home that overlooks where one of the last gypsy style road circus acts is setting up for their show. He is not allowed to go to the show but musters up the way to get out the door and use his walker to get to the ticket booth just down the road. With his walker he gets taken in by the Carney head man and is able to run away to the circus two times.

And. At three A. M. I thought I could not review a two hundred page book in one poorly written paragraph... If I only knew why I woke up wanting to write it.


Bhug said...

I think that book is Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen.
The elephants name is Rosie and the man's name is Jacob Jankowski.
The circus: The Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show On Earth.
"I meant what I said and I said what I meant." - Dr. Seuss.
Is that the book?

Dotti said...

We were on a journey through New Hampshire heading to New York to see Niagara Falls on our we passed you the first were on my mind wondering what you were all about. I looked in the papers but saw nothing...then again we saw you on our return trip home on July 30th...I searched on-line to find something about a man and dog walking with the whole world in his hands...and found you. Glad I did...good luck on your venture...and best wishes. Dotti H.