Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I feel like I was beaten down by a mountain. Two naps of two hours a piece since I got back from the mountain and I know I'll have some bruises. Just one afternoon to bounce back just will not be enough. I haven't even looked at the staff to see if I can cobble it, or retire it like Mt. Washington retired us. The World is still in a bundle squeezed in the back of the van. It was no ordinary day in my world.
This morning after checking at the resort office I was sitting in the shade outside looking at the mountain in the distance when a family from Connecticut walked upand asked if I was Worldguy, they had been following my trip online through this site and my writings. What a small world. I am touched that they came to talk, a blessing after being crushed by the forces of nature. I can't deny the elements took me to school, to the shed, to the bottom. It may take more than a day for me to do it but I will bounce back and be stronger for the experience.
No parting words from me today, good night New England.

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