Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Son, the Moon and My Lucky Stars

I like to take time to look back at the time we have had in each state as we go from one state to another, sometimes "the world gets in the way" and even my simple life gets too cluttered to "stop and smell the roses" of all the experiences. This night I am pulled from sleep by the glare of the sun reflecting off the moon into the van like an alarm clock of light. Massachusetts is the latest garden my son Ethan, Nice (the dog) and me have walked through and I will hold the memories close to my heart like diamond on a necklace that will never be lost, tarnished or stolen. We began our time in Massachusetts not knowing one thing about the road we would take and by the days end we had taken wrong turns that led us to the right people who helped us, guided, fed amd encouraged us; by the time we went sleep that evening we were gearing up for our own Boston Marathon, in traffic and the heat of the last days of spring. The tortoise surely enjoyed the race with the hare and we approached the route of the marathon knowing we would be the first, maybe the only, to roll an earth ball from he starting line to it's finish. We started from a fire station, walked most of the day to get to the start line, then stayed at two more fire houses alomg the way while enjoying many meals, shade breaks, and conversations along the way. Truth be told, we took a wrong turn and lengthened the marathon so we could get to the fire/police station where they let us shower and gave us patches from the fire, EMS and Animal Control becfore we went to bed. I'd bet no one has had as much fun as I while climbing "heartbreak hill" or stopped for a Vanilla latte' while rubbing the belly of a nice dog during their rush to the finish line. I know I am wondering off, blame it on the moons' shine.

We saw many sights in Boston, the Commons, the memorials to Gibran and to the president of Venezuela aand General Hooker at the State house riding atop his anatmically correct steed. We spent time with family after setting our record in Boston which was a memory I will cherish more. We walked through the state of Massachusetts guided by it's good people, the best memory of the state. From the first morning where we given a helping hand at Northbridge to the folks who offered us shade and lunch within the last mile before the Vermont border in Northfield I thank my lucky stars for the good people we have crossed paths with along the way...Too many to mention and I am gratful to you all.

The sun has abandoned the moon and is creeping our way so I must post this. I am never able to say all I want but sleep is important for a healthy life too. Now that the morning birds are calling the world to wake I will fall back to sleep for awhile. I don't know whether to say good morning or goodnight, how about good day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, worldguy! I am proud of you. saw you on friday in Erving, Mass. Keep up the good work. Stay cool.

Jake & Sam