Sunday, July 11, 2010


A day of rest out of the sun does a lot for the mind and spirit. The First afternoon in Vermont when we crossed the border from Northfield Massachusetts was like walking into the farmlands in Kentucky during the heat of summer. It was as if we brought the humid and scorching weather with us. Vermonts' beauty was not lost in the haze, the hills and centuries old farming tradition were not lost to my eyes. Good sense agriculture can be seen in little things, even the roadside trenches tell volumes, all through the other states in the North I have missed the trenches of the farming states that cradle the World ball while the cars pass. This heat wave has passed with a good soaking rain then a night of fog and mist. When (the son) rises we can enjoy a day of walking after a good rest.
When my son was an infant I, like any parent, watched him as he slept. No simple thing can compare. Now he is grown and when this journey has come to a close I may not have the pleasure of watching my own as he sleeps. When he came to join me on this trip the littlest thing would wake him. A train, or a door opening. Now he is relaxed and comfortable, he feels safe enough with me here to sleep deep. I knew when he was an infant this was something I would miss as a parent, I let him sleep as long as he will, watching over him once more.

Back to the message... To prevent the onset of diabetes you may want to go for a hike, walk your dog,or play ball with your son. This is also good advise if you are controlling diabetes. Do something, anything, to be active. Get the juices flowing, keep the stress down, and rest well like your parent is watching over you.

Take the time ,Vermont, to see the beauty around you. Go for a stroll.

The mist is returning, perhaps we will get to rest a bit more.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck!! We passed you on our way home to Worcester Massachusetts from VT. I wish we had stopped now to learn of your journey. We wish you the best.

The Cox Family