Saturday, July 31, 2010

If I can

Monday night through Tuesday morning we made it almost six miles into hurricane force winds before being pinned down and had to deflate our little world then carry it down through the brutal winds. We were beaten up and down. Still today we walked over forteen miles. If I can do that surely some of you who have a little trouble getting to the mail box at the end of your drive could go just a bit more untill a bead of sweat rolls down your brow.
Diabetes can be prevented or controlled better with some sort of athletic activity. A little more today than yesterday, soon you may come to enjoy the burn, the salty taste of accomplishment.
And please click on the side bar to D.E.S.A. for information or link to make a contribution to the cause.
Acadia is not far and soon I will be working my way south to prepare for the next walk. I bet there is a long route to the coast...

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