Monday, July 12, 2010

Pull it up

I had to get up at midnight and look at the stars to clear my mind of the dream I was having. It was one of those end of life as we know it dreams that looped to give the characters another chance to get right, they were 0 and 2. Unfortunately I still remember the details this morning. The moral of the dream, don't lite a fuse if you don't know what will happen when the medicine ignites. I went back to sleep and had more hopeful dreams, thankfully.
This morning is covered with a lite fog. This morning I would rather not walk. This morning I have to pull up the motivation from my core and get going in spite of the aching back, sore feet and stinging tendon in my arm. This figurative fog will let up and I will be better for finding that spark when my powder dries.
We found sanctuary at EarthStar Pottery across from The Green in North Hartland and were offered a shower by a good simaritan who neighbors the Green. I am still amazed how things work out, like the sisters who were there with the ride to our van last evening just at the right time.
Sorry I don't have much to say, it's the fog.

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Anonymous said...


I'm back home now in Everett, Washington, after my 2-week visit with my sister, Eileen, in Vermont. We are the ones who gave you the ride from the Hartland village green back to your van at the Price Chopper in Windsor, VT.

I'm so pleased we had a chance to meet you and, hopefully, provide some encouragement for your endeavor. We talked about you and your mission for a while after dropping you off and both think what you're doing is wonderful in so many ways.

I wish you great success (and much fortitude) in your goals and will be following your blog with great interest.

Best to you, your son, and your sweet pup. :-)

Judy Corcoran