Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Roller Coaster

The day went well for our first in New Hampshire, we got moving in reasoable time, well fed and dry. The wind was workable. Forward motion was achieved. I was unable to have the moments I had yesterday and my energy was low. The back pack was heavy and awkward, though it had the same weight as he day before. I stepped in a rut on a well cut lawn and turned my ankle. Good thing it's the bad foot. I'd hate to have two bad feet. I did have some great help and the people are friendly. I was just not having the fun I did yesterday. we had our picture taken for two newspapers, spreading the word of exersize and awareness for diabetes. But the flow and 'dance' wasn't there, I was working. The world is my roller coaster. Some days a better than others.

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