Thursday, July 8, 2010


This morning the sky is overcast which is a welcome sight after days of oppressive heat. The day we visited the Rudyard Kipling home we walked during the afternoon into Putney from the roundabout on the edge of Brattleboro. From Putney we somehow made our way to the police and fire department at Bellows Falls.

The heat that day had us taking many shade breaks and the long straights in the sun with fresh blacktop was brutal. The boots for Nice (the dog) were worth their weight in gold that afternoon. Though it was very hot yesterday, we had the luck of a good amount of shade. So, the sprints across the sunny stretches were not so bad. We made it to the truck stop at route 5 and 11 by the expressway and have been able to shower and wash a load. The heat brings out the aroma, I was glad the truck stop had a washing machine we could use.

I am waiting for Ethan (the son) to rise so we can scoot to aSkutney up route 5.


sharon j said...

Hi Eric, Ethan and Nice,
We are enjoying reading your postings, and wish you well as you journey on. It was a pleasure spending time with you. If you ever need us, please call.
Your border friends,
Sharon and John

Donna Rasmussen said...

Hey you forgot to mention the nice Vermont chicks who stopped to help you fill your world up...:)