Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The tour, the town, the next goal.

I walked into the Bag Balm Factory just as the men were turning the machines on. They had just been talking about us as we were on the front page of the newspaper. What the paper did not say was that I had come for a tub of "the balm" fresh off the line and that is what I got, a fresh can from the first run of the morning. They even gave me a few empty cans that had some imperfections, one was outside in where the label was on the inside of the can. I am glad I walked hundreds of miles to come here and not just buy a tub from a store. They were very nice at the factory and I got the special morning tour that I am certain no one else sees.
Now with a short delay to wash a load of laundry we will start back to the road East to New Hampshire, a mountain is calling, more adventures and people to meet. Yesterday I met a woman whose shirt read - follow your dreams- The adventurers club 313- my favorite number and a splendid motto, the woman let me have a t-shirt and hopefully will send me a long sleeve one that I will surely wear with pride. It's not the destination but the moments along the way that are more special. It may take us some time to get to New Hampshire, all in good time- with good times.

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Jen at Cabin Fever said...

East to New Hapmshire? Does this mean up 114? I hope to see you! If you make it to Island Pond please let me know (jenhannux@hotmail.com) and I would love to interview/photograph you for my blog! Its a beautiful walk if that's the way you choose to go. Hope you see some moose :)

And I love what you are doing!