Friday, July 16, 2010

Parade, rest, on the march again.

The Bradford Parade was fun with Ethan flying his hand made Worldguy sign. The mile and a half walk was a good rest from the fifteen of the day before that got us to Bradford. Sometimes the rest makes for a hard day when we get going again. This morning we have rolled to Newbury in the sun along with a couple miles of road with railings on both sides but we made it thru alright. Now we are taking a break in front of the Village store across from the post office and green. I could sit here all day but there are miles to go and after a spot of lunch we will get back "on the march".


Anonymous said...

Hello Eric, or is it Erik? anyway nice to meet you tonite in Wells River, Vermont. My aunt and I spotted you in front of the icecream shop. Thanks for taking the time after an eventful day to speak with us..we loved it. I hope your journey keeps you safe. We hope to run into you again.Mel Minshull & Elizabeth Santaw

Anonymous said...

Did you get your bag-balm and you still owe me 10 bucks for the feel up haha