Saturday, July 10, 2010

For every Flower some Rain must Fall

Alright! I know I have Learned the lesson to rest, it took the rain to make me do it. Yesterday we didn't walk far, we had a relaxing morning' as the sun grew high we waited for the shadows to stretch into the road so we could stay in some cover as we made it to Windsor. Then The Hens of Windsor requested the Police investigate the earth. For safety they dictated we walk on only one side of the road- the sunny side- so by the time we finished our "relaxing walk" we were cooked. Luckily this morning it began to rain so we got Nice to the vet and moved the world in the van until it dries up.

Now, after a long nap I feel better though my dreams had me writing on this blog. This entry where I fell asleep before I posted. I had some profound things to write in the dream.

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