Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the moment

I's like a dance , a dance with road and wind. The DO-SI-dO with eighteen whEels and loggers. With open lane we swirl and pass, with five or more trailing so much air is moving behind that the wind cools and the world looses stiffness. After the moment, the struggle for motion forward in the cool and it is Gone
Yesterday wi left Lyndonville with our "fresh off the sqeezer" tub of Bag Balm and made it to Concord again, this one is in Vermont; not Massachusetts,where we stayed withwarmth and great conversations. Many special moments.
Walking yesterday I was plodding along listening to U-2 on the MP3 player a friend had given me. He loded it off a giant list his brother had compiled, he just clicked on this vast list wwithout hearing many of the artists before. The moment came when I was lost in the song and two women called from the house by the side of ther road. We are out in the Northern Kingdom and for me to miss this house hidden on the other side of the world was uncanny. The women were as sweet as they could be. As they took our picture I complimented them, their house and yard were in perfect bloom just after a soothing rain and all the hard work they had been laying down since spring had the shade vines on the porch thick an sparrkling with red blasts of flower. The yard lush and all flowers open for the day. Beauty, and a moment.
Nice (the dog) lay down a few minutes ago. I check to see if I finally have a signal to post off of my little hand held fter 13 hours of black out in Concord, the moment to thank you for THE MOMENTS.

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