Friday, July 9, 2010

Fair Winds and Windsor.

Since we entered the Lands of Vermont we've had a following wind, often I have been able to guide the World by it's short leash and the staff while the wind and pitch of the roads help it sail along. We left Ascutney intending on walking a short day to Windsor where we could recover a bit from the days in the heat. With the help of the locals we found a public pond and shade just as strong winds rolled in and a nice woman gave me a ride to fetch' the support van. Shade was the order of day for the remainder if the day. Thanks to the sergeant of the Windsor Police who informed the force of us we are staying the night at the pond area. In the morning I will take Nice (the dog) to the local vet before we head further North. We have had the fairest winds I can recall of any State here in Vermont. Just enough help at just the right time.Thank you to those who have helped in every way.
Again I have awakened in the dark of night to post a few words. I don't have much to say other than I am thankful the heat has begun to lessen. Keep walking!

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