Saturday, July 17, 2010

Roadside Visitors

A special shout out to "The Don of Northfield" and his lovely wife. They coerced their friends to go up to northern Vermont for a hike and on the way track us down for a chat by the side of the road this afternoon. A bit of hot air to keep the world rolling, some water for our Nice dog and a warm memory for the soul. "The Don" made us an offer we could not refuse on our last night in Massachusetts and we were honored to be guests at his home. A good fella' who gave me a "rich" gift I will cherish. Happy trails!

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Kelly said...

Just a quick "hello" to follow up on our doubly-quick photo-op on Saturday; I'm the lady with the two kids who caught you as you were snapping a photo of the sweet old black car in East Ryegate VT. It was nice to meet Nice and you & your son; my own dad, whom I was visiting that day, has blood sugar issues. We wish you all the best in your journey northward (and eastward) ~ may the road rise to meet you and may the heat relent some in the days and weeks to come!

Kelly & family