Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Through the rain to the bosum and in the middle of the night.

Hard and heavy was the World, soaked with the rain of Vermont and covered with the sand off the roadside as we walked the last miles to the heart, the bosom, of Lyndonville where Bag balm is made.. It began to rain after we got underway and rained most if the day but we pressed on. Route 5 is the main route to many parts of the Northern Kingdom and in none of our time walking from Vermonts' southern border was traffic so dense, always having to tuck the World in the tall grass or roll through the rain puddles on the highways edge. Buy it was worth it to get here and see the home of Bag Balm in the heart of town. I can see that in 1899 when trains were the way of things and Bag Balm is made by the hub, the bosom of town by the station. Whatever hardships I endured to get here along with the fine folks and memories, sleeping here at the center of town by the chamber of commerce and within sight of all the Bag Balm facilities was worth the effort. I had to write it down in the dark of night, lest I forget to mention it in the hustle and bustle in the light of day.
In the morning when they open I hope I can get the tour, then I can rest, a happy man.
You can blame this posting on the two men who woke me so excited to see the World at the doorstep of their town.


Anonymous said...

Hi worldguy, are you coming through northern new hampshire at all?

Jen at Cabin Fever said...
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